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Scralig is not her name, it’s a curse. 

It's what the people of Vinevik call her. Her golden eye is the cause. It's what makes the old women curl their fingers against its evil and turn their faces away.

Her blue eye ties her to the fair-haired folk of Vinevik. Once, by her blue eye, she swore she saw the ravens laughing before they flew off to whisper into Odin's ear.

Her golden eye ties her to darker kin. The people of her grandmother have hair the color of a raven's wing and eyes black as a starless night. Only Scralig and her grandmother have inherited the golden eye. Once, through her golden eye, Scralig saw a thunderman land in the upper pasture. Black smoke rolled off his wings and nets of lightning flickered along his arms. 

That was when she was small. Back then the visions felt as fresh and exciting as her grandmother’s stories. Now Scralig is older. She knows better than to trust visions. On the day of her grandmother's death she feels an evil awaken in her golden eye. It's stirring fills her with a hot rage that threatens to be stronger than her will to control it. 

When Scralig stands beside her grandmother's grave three men appear, claiming to be from the world of those ancient stories. If what these strangers say is true, a larger evil exists that makes the petty bigotry and gossip of her little town pale by comparison.

Scralig must discover who she is, and what is true about the world and her place in it. On her choices rest the survival of all nations and the very structure of existence itself.

THE NAME OF THE TIME-LOCKED CHILD features Scralig's story and is the first book the Chronicles of the Austrás Tree, a YA historical fantasy trilogy.

CS Peterson is currently seeking representation (formerly represented by Martha Millard - now retired - at Sterling Lord Literistic)